Planatech can provide consultancy services on-site in most countries, or off-site via the web. In recent years, we have carried out work for clients in Europe, the US, Asia and Autralasia, both on-site and remotely.

Our Approach

Planatech's approach to consultancy is not just to provide a solution to the immediate problem. We take into account the client's business needs and provide constructive advice on whether it is a localised issue or has a wider scale impact. We listen to the needs and advice of all groups of users and others affected, legal, regulatory and marketers. We take the current infrastructure and in-house technological expertise into account. Only then do we provide a solution that satisfies all criteria, has minimal systems impact and can therefore be reliably supported in-house. In all instances we provide training to key personnel where necessary.

We have provided consultancy and mentoring to software houses as well as to blue-chip corporate IT departments. Among our areas of expertise are:

  • System design & architecture
  • Interfaces between languages and between technologies
  • Development tools
  • Implementation of complex mathematical models

Technical Architecture

We have years of successful experience in system design and architecture. We design new systems to fit in with our clients' and partners' existing platforms and knowledge base.

Where new technologies are introduced we ensure that they are elegant, robust, high performance and simple to maintain, and we always work towards enhancing any in-house skills that will be required to support them. Existing systems are re-worked on a similar basis. Full support is provided.

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